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Meet Kristen Heitman

Luxury Travel Advisor

Once upon a time, Kristen was an epidemiologist working for the government, dreaming about travel. She knows how to operate under pressure; after all, you don't build an incredible career at the CDC and navigate a global pandemic while launching a travel business any other way! Kristen's favorite types of travel to plan are milestone trips,  like honeymoons and babymoons, and multi-generational family travel. She specializes in island destinations from the Caribbean to the Greek Isles. 

Get to know Kristen below with a few fun facts.

Favorite book: This is an impossible question. I’m an avid reader and try to read at least one book a week. My recent favorites are “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry” and “Mrs. Everything”. My favorites are constantly changing, so make sure to check out the “Books” highlight on my Instagram for book recommendations!

My favorite travel memory: My favorite travel memory is from my first trip to Turks and Caicos. My husband and I went on a sunset horseback riding beach experience, and it was the best experience of my life. I grew up riding horses, so there was nostalgia mixed with the amazement that I was riding a horse in the crystal-clear water of Turks and Caicos. My husband, who didn’t have any experience riding horses, enjoyed it as much as me. I recommend this activity to all my clients who travel to Turks!

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Trip bucket list: A cruise to the Galapagos Islands! I really want to take my two sons on this trip, but I need to wait until they’re old enough to appreciate the experience, while also having a healthy respect for the marine wildlife and the unique ecosystem.

Favorite travel accessory: Compression packing cubes! I’m a lifelong over-packer but packing cubes have helped me so much! I’m always going to check a bag, but now there’s room for souvenirs on my return flight.

Favorite trip to plan: I love planning large family vacations to the Caribbean! My favorite family Caribbean itineraries always include a boat day, some kind of experience to view marine wildlife, and a family photoshoot to commemorate the experience.

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