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Forward-thinking travel. What does that mean? To us, it means seeing past what you are asking for and going beyond. We think about what you may need. We think about the additions you want that haven't made your short-list. We consider the ways your journey can be enhanced, both experientially as well as environmentally.

We remember the late nights trying to make it to a family function or to pick up dinner. We longed to travel. It was on our screensavers. It was the blog we read on our lunch break. It is what we filled our commute with. We are here to take that subway commute and make it your next plane ride.

Because even in uncertain times, life never stops moving forward and neither should travel.


Meet Madeline 

Co-Founder, COO, and Travel Advisor

Family Owned.

Female Founded.

Madeline doesn't like to sit still for too long. In the last 5 years, she has lived in 6 different cities, including Prague, Czech Republic and Sitka, Alaska. When you ask for off the beaten path, Madeline understands that means getting outside your comfort zone and thinking outside the box. 


Prior to becoming a travel advisor, Madeline worked in corporate litigation. She climbed the ladder and earned the title of Coordinating Analyst, working alongside the Partner and Principal to run a case team of 20 individuals spanning 10 global jurisdictions. Her time as a case team manager required her to pore over the details leading up to trips. Every aspect from the client preparation memoranda down to the layout of a meeting room was carefully considered. She thrives when organizing teams and logistics.


Madeline prides herself on efficiency, hard work, attention to detail, but above all else, thoughtfulness. After many years honing her analytical skills in preparation to work for the government, Madeline pivoted to found Steuber Travel Group. Together with her mom they bring over 35 years of experience in both a corporate and small business setting.


Madeline has a natural instinct for organization and attention to detail. Throughout the entire pandemic she has successfully helped her clients navigate convoluted and complex COVID-19 restrictions.


Featured in Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine, Masters in Travel, and a guest on several podcasts, Madeline really believes in community.  She loves numbers, triple-checking the details, and polishing itineraries. You can expect your proposal to be organized  + visually pleasing. She believes that it is not enough to explain her value as an advisor, but to show you that value.


Meet Kristen 

Co-Founder, CEO, and Travel Advisor


A mother of adult children and lover of all things travel, Kristen worked in the medical industry for the first 12 years of her career. She climbed the corporate ladder and was a Vice President before she decided to transition to help her husband run an architecture and home design company. That leap of faith paid off and the business has been successful for over 30 years. She brings a unique sense of experience not just in a corporate setting, but running a small business and surviving the 2008 recession + housing market crash.  Not many people can say they have done this in their lifetime— never count this mom of two out! 

Kristen spent her children's childhood traveling the United States, exploring unique towns, and taking off-the-beaten-path trips. When her children left for college, her passion for travel remained, and she worked to become trained as a luxury travel advisor. Kristen is a mother, a wife, and a business owner. She knows how to get things done, add those motherly touches, and most of all, when to take something OUT of your trip. She firmly believes in intentional travel — so you can create memories that last a lifetime. 


Kristen founded STG to help families, and ambitious individuals like herself, get more time back in their day by planning loving and detailed custom trips.

Kristen adores Paris, but not for the obvious reasons of cheese, wine, and bread. There is something whimsical, sophisticated, and luxurious about Paris. Kristen loves designing itineraries with that same feeling. She wants you to wander strategically, so you can enjoy every cobblestone street and picnic on the river front— in style of course.

Meet Rachel 

Travel Advisor + Culinary Expert

Rachel is a native New Yorker with an insatiable appetite for exploring the unexplored and a skill for zeroing in on the most succinct way to capture a client’s preferences. 


Drawing on her award-winning experience in hospitality, Rachel works with clients to transform their vision and inspiration into memorable experiences. From intricately planned itineraries, impossible to nab dinner reservations to exotic trips in far away lands. Rachel works thoughtfully, quickly and intuitively to pinpoint her clients needs and delivers in an engaging and fresh way that resonates. No matter how big (or small) the request, Rachel moves heaven and earth to make it happen. Simply said, she gets it done!


Rachel has spent the last decade opening hotels, hiring and training Concierge teams and overseeing Concierge services for a portfolio of luxury residential condominiums. She was named "Top Ten Concierge in New York City" twice and has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The New York Post, Patch and other publications for her work during her tenure in the industry. 


Most recently, Rachel kept her fingers on the pulse of the city as the Lifestyle Director for Luxury Concierge Firm, LIVunLtd. It was during her time at LIVunLtd, that she earned the NAHB National Sales & Marketing Council Silver Award for Lifestyle Director of the Year! She can’t wait to work with you to design a trip beyond your wildest dreams!

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