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Family Owned.

Female Founded.

Forward-thinking travel. What does that mean? To us, it means seeing past what you are asking for and going beyond. We think about what you may need. We think about the additions you want that haven't made your short-list. 

We are a mother daughter duo with a passion for travel and over 35 years of business experience between the two of us. We launched our business in April of 2020 and you will feel our motto in the ethos of what we do every step of the planning journey — always forward-thinking and client centered.


Whether you have worked with our team before, or you are looking to get matched with one of our travel advisors, each trip starts the same: with a quick hello.


Founders & Owners


Madeline Steuber Johnson

Owner and Co-Founder 

Luxury Travel Advisor

Boston, MA

Specializes in custom European itineraries, concierge services, adventure travel, and US based travel.


Kristen Steuber 

Owner and Co-Founder 

Managing Director of Travel Relations

Philadelphia, PA

Specializes in building partnerships with the travel industry to ensure top VIP service for our clients

Travel Advisor & Culinary Expert

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Rachel Soleil Lerch 

Luxury Travel Advisor and Culinary Expert

New York, New York

Specializes in extraordinary dining experiences and custom itineraries. Rachel has a deep passion for Italy and the delicious food!

Operations & Travel Support

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Katie Heinzen

Operations Manager + Concierge Coordinator

New England

Specializes in travel operations, booking concierge services, and trip designs focused on Adventure Travel, Israel, and Disney World.


Jaime Rasmussen

Travel Coordinator

Dallas, Texas

Specializes in all things details and ensuring our clients are ready for take off with passport deadlines and trip reminders!

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