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A Mother's Guide to the Roadtrip Essentials

2020 was a year of stillness and new challenges including working from home, helping kids with their online studies, and missing your family and friends. As spring approaches, you may need to get away, consider a road trip! If you need inspiration on where to go, check out our experience page and we will curate a travel experience that meets your needs. In the mean time, you might be wondering, "What should we pack?"

Here are STG’s packing suggestions for a successful road trip. (1) Cooler with snacks—with states in varying degrees of “opening,” you may not be able be able to find a place to eat when you’re hungry. If you pack snacks in individual bags, you will have healthy alternatives to the gas station convenience store options. (2) For your listening pleasure—SiriusXM and Spotify offer many listening options for music and podcasts, and books on tape can help make a dent in your reading list. The trick will be to determine who’s turn it is to pick the station! (3) Multiport car charger—on a family road trip, among the many charging cords to bring, you will need a car charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time. (4) Packing cubes—this is a great way to organize and condense everything in your suitcase. If you pack multiple family members in one suitcase, you can color code them to easily know what’s what. (5) Cargo carriers—on longer road trips or ones to camping or beach destinations, where there is extra gear to bring, cargo carriers for the top of your vehicle provide extra storage space allowing more room inside the vehicle and a more comfortable ride. The experience of a road trip is not one you will soon forget. The Steuber Family has a treasure trove of memories of funny discussions, heated debates, and experiences from our travels stretching from Maine to Florida to the Midwest and Eastern Canada. Enjoy your journey and remember “Road Trips aren’t measured by mile markers, but by moments.”

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