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Singita and the Malilangwe Trust

Travel should be intentional.

Travel should be impactful.

Travel should make change.

Singita achieves this all.

In 1994, the Malilangwe Trust emerged with an extraordinary donation, setting the stage for a conservation miracle in Zimbabwe. Singita Pamushana Lodge proudly stands as the ecotourism heart of this 130,000-acre reserve, safeguarding wildlife and nurturing the surrounding ecosystem.

Guests visiting Singita become ambassadors of change, directly supporting the trust's mission. As custodians of the pristine wilderness, the trust reintroduced 28 black and 15 white rhinos, resulting in a thriving population and inspiring other reserves across the continent. We're in awe of their conservation blueprint, which harmoniously blends wildlife initiatives with the well-being of neighboring communities.

The impact doesn't stop there. The reserve now flourishes with rare antelope species like sable and roan, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the trust. With an on-site Environmental Education Center, teachers and children can immerse themselves in the wonders of the outdoors, fostering a love for nature that will last a lifetime. And, let's not forget the Trust's nutrition program, providing 20,000 children with nourishing meals, ensuring a brighter future for the region.

Together with the Malilangwe Trust, Singita aims to leave a lasting legacy of harmony, coexistence, and positive change for generations to come and that is why they are our go to partner on the continent of Africa. We care deeply about thoughtful and intentional travel at Steuber Travel Group. Join us in celebrating this vibrant partnership as we toast to the Malilangwe Trust's incredible journey of hope, resilience, and unwavering commitment to nature and its people. Together, we can make a difference and savor the wonders of this breathtakingly beautiful land!

Ready to experience the beautiful efforts of the Malilangwe Trust for yourself? Click here to begin planning your next adventure with STG. We will be sure you visit one of the schools supported by the Malilangwe Trust, meet with the program leader, and experience the amazing local culture.

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