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What to Know When Planning 2024 Travel

Since the inception of Steuber Travel Group in the midst of a pandemic in April 2020, our company motto has been "forward thinking travel". With this same spirit, we look ahead to what will be in store for planning luxury travel in 2024. As travel advisors, it is our job to stay on top of important happenings that could impact your trip — from local events to global occurrences. We have rounded up the top 5 global events coming in the new year.

1. 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Paris will host the XXXIII Olympic Summer Games, July 26 to August 11, 2024. The impact on travel is more than the obvious: "hotels are booked up." In preparation for the games, much of the city is undergoing cleaning, restoration, and construction. This means some of the city's treasured sites are hidden behind cranes and scaffolding. While STG has the connections to VIP your Olympic experience, if you're traveling to Paris for the first time or to see the traditional sites, it may be best to consider pushing your visit to 2025!

2. The Tour de France Italy!

Here's a great example of how the Paris Olympics will affect travel — part of the Tour de France will take place in Italy! The route will go through Turin, Plaisance, Bologne, Cesenatico, Rimini, Saint-Marin, and Florence. Interested in seeing some of the race? We have already helped clients secure wonderful accommodations in Bologna and Turin to catch the race! We added cultural experiences to their itinerary for pre- and post-race, making their trip a complete journey. We expect Italy will be an incredibly popular and highly requested destination for another year running.

3. The Era of Taylor

Now named TIME Magazine's person of the year, it is not a secret that the "Taylor effect" has made its impact known in the global market. That trickle down effect is now showing up in the itineraries and travel we book. It is important we plan early and carefully consider dates for your destination. Are you traveling to Europe specifically to see Taylor? (So are we!) Why not explore the host city before and after? With Taylor performing in Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Lyon, several cities in the UK, Dublin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, Gelsenkirchen and Munich, Warsaw, and Vienna, your options for a great trip are endless! We would be thrilled to plan your travel!

4. 2024 Global Elections

With over 40 elections happening across the globe, 2024 will mark one of the biggest election cycles in world history. What does this mean for our trusted and savvy travelers? It means we are keeping an eye on the calendar to ensure there are no surprise interruptions to your vacation. (Did you know businesses shut down for elections in some parts of the world?) When you work with STG, you don't need to keep track of which destinations will be affected. We're here to provide advanced planning and thoughtful consideration of your chosen destinations, which will set your travel up for success!

5. Sporting Events

In addition to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, both the NFL and MLB are expanding their audiences across the pond next year. The MLB will be playing in London again (in addition to Seoul, Mexico City, and the Dominican Republic). While the NFL hasn't confirmed their 2024 schedule, it's rumored they'll be playing in Spain and Brazil. There will also be major football (soccer for us Americans) championships in Africa, London, Germany, several U.S. cities, and Qatar. If you are headed overseas to see a game, or going to a European football match, sporting events are aplenty next year. They make a wonderful addition to your custom itinerary and an important detail to carefully plan around for increased visitors.

Now that you know some of the events to plan around, you can work with an STG advisor to narrow down your list of destinations and activities. Let us tailor your dream trip thoughtfully and intentionally with these events in mind. Let's plan!

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