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Our Company Values

Whether you’re new to the world of travel or you’re an industry expert, if you’re looking to be a kind global citizen and work in the travel industry, you’ve come to the right place. STG considers applications on a rolling basis and seeks individuals who align with our company values.

Forward Thinking

STG was founded during a pandemic when the only way to be— was forward-thinking. Now, the industry is booming and we must work quickly to anticipate our clients needs and proactively address them. 

Team Player

We have — and want to continue to build — a team of power-house, go-getting, supporting, travel industry members. Therefore, kindness and compassion are crucial to this team.

Detail Oriented

We strive to demonstrate a high level of value to our clients. We are seeking individuals dedicated to the client experience from start to finish, who pay particular attention to the details.

Open Positions


Steuber Travel Group's Host Agency

Your Host Agency selection is one of the single most important business decisions you can make. Many newer-to-industry advisors do not know where to begin! Lucky for you, we have developed a system for assessing host agencies and we are partnered with one of the best in the industry: Jetset World Travel. We know you will love the community Jetset has to offer.

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