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Meet Katie

Stg Luxury Travel Advisor & Operations

Meet Katie – your friendly travel expert in curating incredible experiences tailored just for you! With a teaching background, Katie has a knack for crafting exciting journeys across the globe. Her love for travel shines through in her extensive trips, having explored five continents with plans to tackle the remaining two in the next couple of years.

Her passion for travel ignited on deck 4 of the MV Explorer as part of the Semester at Sea Program. During her semester abroad, she circumnavigated the globe, and that spark continues to shine brightly in her extensive journeys.

Starting as the first employee at Steuber Travel Group, Katie has not only helped STG grow from a small team of 3, but she has also risen to the challenge of constantly considering how we can elevate our service at STG. Katie has played an integral role in helping shape the STG you know and love today.


Katie is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Luxembourg. She is always ready for new destinations, and eager to match your interests. When she puts together your proposal, it's not just about being organized – it's about creating something tailored directly to you, a reflection of Katie's dedication to showing you the value of having her as your trusted advisor. Get ready for a journey that's not just unforgettable, but also feels like a breeze with Katie by your side!

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