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Meet Madeline

Co-Founder, CEO, and Travel Advisor

Madeline doesn't like to sit still for too long. In the last 5 years, she has lived in 6 different cities, including Prague, Czech Republic and Sitka, Alaska. When you ask for off the beaten path, Madeline understands that means getting outside your comfort zone and thinking outside the box. 


Prior to becoming a travel advisor, Madeline worked in corporate litigation. She climbed the ladder and earned the title of Coordinating Analyst, working alongside the Partner and Principal to run a case team of 20 individuals spanning 10 global jurisdictions. Her time as a case team manager required her to pore over the details leading up to trips. She thrives when organizing teams and logistics.


Madeline prides herself on efficiency, hard work, attention to detail, but above all else, thoughtfulness. After many years honing her analytical skills in preparation to work for the government, Madeline pivoted to found Steuber Travel Group. Together with her mom they bring over 35 years of experience in both a corporate and small business setting.


Madeline has a natural instinct for organization and attention to detail. Throughout the entire pandemic she has successfully helped her clients navigate convoluted and complex COVID-19 restrictions.


Featured in Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine, Masters in Travel, Travel Pulse and a guest on several podcasts, Madeline really believes in community. Madeline was named a Condé Nast Top Travel Specialist in 2023 and she was also named Travel Agent Central's 30 under 30. She loves numbers, triple-checking the details, and polishing itineraries. You can expect your proposal to be organized  + visually pleasing. She believes that it is not enough to explain her value as an advisor, but to show you that value.

Madeline Steuber Johnson Condé Nast

As Featured In:

Madeline Steuber Johnson Condé Nast
Madeline Steuber Johnson Condé Nast
Madeline Steuber Johnson Condé Nast
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