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Meet Colleen Pelasky

Luxury Travel Advisor

Get to know Colleen Pelasky

Enchantée! It’s a pleasure to meet you. For me, the French expression "enchantée" is much more than a chic and courteous introduction. It’s the essence of my entire travel philosophy and emblematic of the enthusiasm and intentionality I invest in introducing you to the best places and best people our world has to offer.


Since my first flight to France 20 years ago, I've traveled throughout Europe, reveling in the refinement and relaxation found in France, Italy, and neighboring regions in the Mediterranean. Today, my passion is designing and delivering personalized, immersive itineraries throughout Europe and across the globe centered on culture, cuisine, and custom experiences.


Let’s acquaint you with places punctuated with vitality and personality, steeped in style and simplicity. 


Let’s introduce you to the people who define the destination, the characters in your travel story. 


Let’s rediscover the traveler in you.

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