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What is the value of a travel advisor?

Have you ever wondered how your neighbor or coworker who's life is just as busy as yours, has the time to plan luxurious vacations, or how your colleague seems to get so many upgrades as part of her vacation packages? They all use a Travel Advisor who is able to provide them with expertise and access to VIP services, while freeing up their valuable time to spend on other things.

As travelers are seeking the best experience for their time and money and confused by online searches that produce a million results for a given destination, they are turning to Travel Advisors to help them plan their dream trip. A Travel Advisor invests the time to get to know their clients—what are their travel habits, how do they want to spend their time and money, why they travel—and then creates a perfectly tailored experience for the savvy traveler. A Travel Advisor works with their preferred suppliers in-country to create immersive and unique experiences that are not described in guidebooks and that clients would not be able to create on their own.

The definition of luxury is different for every client, so a Travel Advisor will listen, make suggestions, and then curate an itinerary to fulfill their client’s travel dreams. Activities may include behind-the-scenes visits at sports venues and music venues, cultural connections, individual food and wine experiences among many others. The goal is to spark the traveler’s passion. There are very few times we are afforded the ability to unplug and indulge in the things we love most. The Travel Advisor helps make that happen.

Similar to the real estate industry, many Travel Advisors are Independent Consultants who are affiliated with a host agency, which acts as a liaison between the Travel Advisor and elite vendors around the world. Most importantly, the host agency provides the link to a consortia that gives the Travel Advisor access to worldwide supplier relationships that allow the Travel Advisor to prepare the best trip itinerary possible for the client. Through the consortia, a Travel Advisor has access to local contacts who , under the direction of the Travel Advisor, will help to build and tailor a specialized itinerary for the client. The Consortia Virtuoso is a network of the best of the best luxury travel suppliers, including the top hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines. This network of suppliers offers special benefits that are only available to Travel Advisors who are affiliates of Virtuoso. These amenities include complimentary room upgrades, when available, complimentary breakfasts, and credits towards spa treatments or other hotel activities. These bonuses are not available to clients who book travel on their own. Virtuoso consistently inspects and monitors its suppliers to ensure they meet the standards that luxury clients demand and to be frank, standards any client should demand. In today’s marketing environment, it can be tricky to navigate just what type of quality and service you can expect from reading an array of mixed-reviews. The Travel Advisor acts as both your navigator and guide map so that you can rest assured your trip will be everything you expect and more.

Now all that is left to decide is what type of experience do you want to have? Start your journey today.

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